About Us

About Us

Nova Remodel Group is a company with extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in residential renovation and home remodeling. We are licensed contractors, specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodels, room addition and aging in place services. Nova homeowners have us in their high regards due to the transparency of our pricing system, the outstanding customer experience we offer and the high quality renovation and remodeling work.

Fair, reasonable and accurate price estimation

For a company to remain reliable and trustworthy, it has to strive to achieve transparency and fairness in all its activities. We believe that includes the system of project cost estimation in the first place. To be able to give an accurate and comprehensive cost estimate, our team accounts for the costs of specific services, additional costs and expenses, as well as products and materials required. As a result, our clients are offered the opportunity to change their minds and decide on a different type of service or scale of the project, so that the overall cost fits their budget.

Due to our flexible payment schemes, our clients don’t have to worry whether the budget they allocated will be enough to give them a beautiful living space. Nova Remodel Group is equally efficient with small and large scale projects and delivers only superior quality.

Industry leaders and reliable contractors

To be able to guarantee a durable product to our clients, we have to make sure the renovation is done according to local building codes. Therefore, we inspect your home’s blueprints and come up with a design accordingly. Moreover, we take care of the building permits. We invest time and effort into planning the time frame for your project and clearly separate different phases. Each phase takes a certain amount of time to complete, and we always give you our estimates at the beginning of the project. We make sure the project doesn’t take longer than it is absolutely necessary.

Our design innovators will give you a custom design

Individuality and uniqueness will never go out of fashion. That is why we encourage our clients to share their ideas with us, related their wishes when it comes to style, design, different colors and textures, and we will weave their ideas into the final design. Even if a client doesn’t have a clear idea of what they would like to change, our talented designers are there to analyze the property in terms of style and design and propose the appropriate solutions and their alternatives.

A rewarding experience

At Nova Remodel Group, we don’t simply do a good job. We try to make every experience an enjoyable one for our clients. We keep them regularly updated so they can be part of the project, oversee and admire the transformation in progress. Our neighborly staff is ready to help and answer all your questions. We owe our referral business to the high level of our customer service we provide to all our clients.

Whether you wish to give your home a makeover or do only small renovations, Nova Remodel Group is your trusted partner. Call us today for a consultation and a quote.