Ageing in Place

Aging in Place

Being a senior doesn’t necessarily mean being ill and feeble. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors are afraid of living alone due to their poor health or simply old age. Activities like walking up the stairs or coming out of the bathtub pose a strain, even a risk of accidents and mishaps. Luckily, the aging in place remodeling service can do so much with so little.

The aging in place remodeling will require modifying your home in such a way to increase overall accessibility and maneuverability. The modifications vary from one individual’s needs to the other and only a licensed professional can determine what best suits your requirements.

Nova Remodel Group specializes in providing aging in place remodeling services for the elderly in Nova. Our certified specialists can incorporate various unique features that are specifically designed to make your house accessible, comfortable and safe for many years to come.

 Designs aimed at practicality

We believe in designing and remodeling your home for the way you live your life. We, therefore, focus on integrating the latest innovative designs and techniques in creating spaces that will meet your changing needs as well as your lifestyle. We have extensive experience in building universally designed homes that are safe, easily accessible, attractive and stylish.

Personalized modifications

Although accessibility and safety are the common concerns when it comes to aging in place remodeling, our services don’t end there. We incorporate your ideas into the modifications to ensure that all the areas in your home meet your taste and preferences. Our remodeling process begins with an in-home consultation so that we learn more about your particular needs and evaluate your home for potential problematic areas. We then provide you with our recommendations on how we can improve your home in terms of comfort, safety and accessibility.

Broad scope of services

Our aim is to enable people to live independently in their homes while feeling secure and safe at the same time. For this reason, we do a broad range of modifications including the following:

  • Widening hallways and doorways
  • Creating first-floor master suites
  • Installing automatic lighting, toilets, faucets
  • Building exterior access ramps
  • Installing grab bars and railings
  • Adjusting height sinks
  • Installing walk-in tubs, showers and shower seats
  • Repainting to provide color contrast for visual acuity
  • Installing comfort height toilets
  • Bathroom conversions
  • Installing elevators

Materials and products chosen to last

We want to see you staying in your home independently for as long as possible without needing assistance. We, therefore, use top of the line building materials and fixtures to ensure that they last as long as you do. We have excellent relationships with the best suppliers meaning that we easily get quality products and at friendly prices.

We can help you enjoy your elderly life in your home comfortably and safely. Give us a call and start preparing your home so that it stays in tune with your needs.